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Guitarist - Composer - Educator



The music of 21-year-old guitarist and composer Harry Bartlett represents an exciting new direction in Canada’s vibrant jazz scene. Born in Vancouver, Harry’s formative musical experiences were in the folk tradition.  He then developed an interest in jazz and improvised music and had the great privilege of studying with Juno Award nominated jazz guitarist Bill Coon for several years. Since moving to Toronto in 2016 to study jazz performance at the University of Toronto Harry has been studying with Canadian guitarist Geoff Young.

In July 2018 Harry released a debut EP with his trio. Following the release, the Bartlett Trio conducted an Ontario tour including an appearance at the award winning international festival, Music Niagara.

The Harry Bartlett Trio continues to perform regularly in the Greater Toronto Area and will be conducting a Canadian tour in November 2019 with financial support from the Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association. In this tour the Trio will also be facilitating open improvisation workshops to high school students in each city they visit.

In addition to The Harry Bartlett Trio, Harry performs regularly with other projects both as a leader and sideman.

Harry Bartlett Trio at their EP release at the Burdock Brewery in Toronto, ON. 31/07/2018

Harry Bartlett Trio at their EP release at the Burdock Brewery in Toronto, ON. 31/07/2018


The Harry Bartlett Trio


The Harry Bartlett Trio is a Toronto based group featuring three young emerging artists on the Canadian Jazz Scene. While rooted in the jazz tradition, their music draws from a wide range of musical traditions which is highlighted in their compositions and improvisations.

In July 2018, the Harry Bartlett Trio released a debut EP featuring original compositions which capture these elements of folk and jazz music with an emphasis on improvisation and group interplay. Following the release, the trio promoted their EP in an Ontario tour including an appearance at the international award winning festival, Music Niagara.

With support from the Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association (University of Toronto) the Harry Bartlett Trio will conduct a Canadian tour in November 2019. In addition to performances, the trio will facilitate open improvisation workshops to high school students across the country.

“Harry Bartlett Trio is an encouraging look into the future of the canadian jazz scene. Harry is a creative and sophisticated composer already and simply put, plays the guitar at a very high level.”
— This I Dig (Chris Fraser)

The winona Collective

Harry Bartlett, Dan Pitt, Jill McKenna, Caleb Klager, Harry Vetro

The Winona Collective is a culmination of musical and personal friendships between 5 professional musicians in Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario. The collective consists of Dan Pitt and Harry Bartlett on Guitars, Jill McKenna and Caleb Klager on Basses and Harry Vetro on Drums. The instrumentation allows for unorthodox arrangement possibilities, where each member can take on a different role in the ensemble. Together, they play mostly original music that features different aspects of jazz improvisation, folk music and contemporary composition.

Harry Bartlett and Madeleine Ertel Duo

Harry Bartlett’s and Madeleine Ertel’s musical relationship began with their Jazz studies at the University of Toronto. While much of their music is tied to this tradition, this project exposes and celebrates their relationships with folk and indie music. Through original compositions which fuse these styles, this duet provides a compelling and intimate musical experience.

Youth workshops in open improvisation

Under the guidance of Toronto music educators Harry has curated open improvisation workshops to be delivered to high school students across the country during the Trio’s Canada tour. Providing young students with an opportunity to practice improvised music will encourage them to communicate and rely upon one another resulting in stronger musical and social bonds within their community. Students who take part in this project will be exposed to improvised music through games and conceptual pieces conducted by Harry Bartlett and his Trio.

This project has been generously supported by the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association

Harry Bartlett Trio EP

ALBUM CREDITS: recorded by Harry Vetro, mixed by Jacob Thompson and Jack Finlayson, Mastered by Tom Upjohn, Artwork by Grayson Taylor

“This is an impressive debut from Harry Bartlett and his trio; beautiful, empathetic playing in an intimate setting.”

— Mike Murley

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Harry Bartlett Trio (Live Dec. 2018)


Harry Bartlett Trio +1 (Live April 2019)

Awards and Acknowledgements

-University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music Special Projects Fund

-Mary Alice Stuart Jazz Scholarship